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“I just wish someone understood!!”

Symptoms of ADHD described by the literature

A comment spoken by people with ADHD, and parents of children with ADHD often.  “I just wish someone understood”  Having ADHD myself, It is a thought that has often run through my head.  A frustration of “ugh!!” “You just don’t get it!”

Since I was in grade school, the understanding of ADD/ADHD has come a long way.  So has the treatments to help.  Sadly, much like many other disorders and behavioral health issues, there are too many myths believed to be truths, and truths denied as reality.  It is even common place for primary care providers and therapists to be unfamiliar with current, up to date information on ADHD, and the long term effects it can have on family dynamics and emotional health of not just the person with ADD/ADHD, but the people close the them as well.

I understand the confusion you have.  The daily challenge you face just to make it to the end of your day.  I understand how you put everything you have into a work day, to be drained physically and emotionally, and not have enough left to focus and be present at home for the ones you love.  I understand what it is like to be judged as a parent because your child seems to lack vital social skills.  Even though, in reality, you have repeatedly tried to teach them.

The world can be cold and unsympathetic.  ADHD people often get labeled as stupid, lazy, uncaring, checked out, or rude, insensitive, self centered, and arrogant.  The reality is.  Most people with ADHD are some of the most intelligent, caring, sensitive, selfless people you will ever meat.  A disorder of their brain just doesn’t let those uneducated about ADHD see it.

The quest now is to take back our lives.  To manage the symptoms of ADHD/ADD so that we can be successful in our home lives, as parents, as employees, employers, partners, and friends.  Educate yourself about the different aspects of ADHD/ADD, and educate yourself on how your specific ADHD negatively impacts your life, and the lives of people you care about.  Stop blaming yourself for a past you can’t change.  Instead, take responsibility for a future yet to be written.  Build your strengths, lesson your weaknesses, and create the legacy you want.

Be Focused…  Be Mindful,

Focused On ADHD


One comment on ““I just wish someone understood!!”

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