Myths About ADHD

Myths of this disorder have been written about in several different formats.  Still, these myths exist and the need to continue to distribute the truths is evident.  ADHD and ADD are very complex disorders with symptoms and effects being very situational and individual.  A good therapist who understands ADHD will be able to diagnose it correctly, and an ADHD Coach can help identify the situations and teach a client about the myths and truths of their ADHD.  The following are just a few of the myths about ADD/ADHD.

#1.   ADHD is not a real medical condition.  Its just bad parenting:

ADHD is real.  It is a proven Neurobiological condition that affects up to 5 to 7 percent of the worlds population.  The symptoms of ADHD are caused by a deficiency of neuroreceptors, like serotonin, in the brain.  This causes a disruption in the area of “Executive Functioning” which would include Planning, organization, working memory, and self-regulation.  Visible symptoms show up as impulsiveness, difficulty paying attention, poor time management, and poor emotional regulation

While good parenting can help diminish the effects of ADHD symptoms.  ADHD is NOT caused by the quality of the parent.  Genetics, on the other hand, play a huge role.  Dr. Joseph Biederman and his colleagues in 1990 discovered that over 25% of the first-degree relatives of the families with ADHD also had ADHD, while non-ADHD families was anly about 5%.  In 2005, Dr Andrea Chronis studied ADHD mothers.  She discovered that mothers of ADHD children are 24 times more likely than the average woman to have ADHD themselves.  Fathers of ADHD children were 5 times more likely thatn the average man to have ADHD themselves.

#2.  Eating too much Sugar causes ADHD:

The link to this myth has been made because so many people with ADHD use sugar as their first form of self-medicating.  The ADHD brain needs a stimulant to increase the production of the lacking Serotonin in the brain.  Sugar is not the ideal treatment for obvious reasons, and the use of it as self-medication is done unconsciously.  People with undiagnosed or untreated ADHD will move to  excessive Caffeine use, and often times later resorting to other more extreme and dangerous substance abuse.

#3.    There are no effective treatments for ADHD:

ADHD is one of the longest researched neurological disorders along with its treatments.  Stimulant medication has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for most people with ADHD for over 50 years.  The medications on the market today now include extended release and non-stimulant medications, both being very effective in controlling ADHD symptoms.

Also, Therapy has been proven to be extremely beneficial, and an ADHD Coach can be instrumental in helping identify symptom management strategies, emotional regulation strategies, and management and responsibility in every day life.

Proper treatment of ADHD will include a systemic approach, and include caring for mind, body, and spirit.

There are other myths and untruths about ADHD.  I’m sure you have heard them.  Simply put… ADHD is real.  The effects and scars it leaves on people are real.  The years wasted, living in a fog, and misunderstood are real.  They are real for the person that has ADHD.  They are real for the parents of ADHD children.  They are real for the partners of people with ADHD.  And its real for the children of ADHD parents.

All to often when someone hears the term ADHD, the only picture that comes to mind is a little boy who misbehaves, never stops talking, and is just bouncing off the walls running in circles.  Yes, sometimes this trait does exist, but that is such a tiny, limited view on something so much bigger.

People with ADHD, are just that.  They are people… who happen to have ADHD.  And given the right coaching,tools, support, and knowledge, can be successful in this non-ADHD world.

Be Focused…    Be Mindful…   Be Successful…

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