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Tip #5: Are you a parent of a child with

Tip #5: Are you a parent of a child with ADHD? Parenting can be tough without the emotional impulsiveness of your distracted young one. Add in the distractability and sensitive emotions of ADHD and you end up wanting to send yourself to your room just to escape. Trust me when I say, your child doesn’t really want to have the outburst either. A challenge of ADHD is a lack of foresight in seeing consequences, and a lack of hindsight in remembering what consequences have been. Talk with your child (not when in an outburst) and work on a plan together to create a moment of pause and the opportunity to choose a different, more productive, action. Choose a “magic” word that is non-judgmental to say to your child when a impulsive outburst is starting. This word will have been agreed upon by both of you with the understanding that it is a gentle reminder of the actions your child wants to change. Funny words are the best because they bring in a little humor to break up tension. Read my article from Special-ism.com for more! http://ow.ly/mzpb6


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