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Tip #14: Memory.  If you often feel forg

Tip #14: Memory.  If you often feel forgetful or have difficulty recalling information on demand, one can easily blame it on being stupid or intelligent. This is not the case my friend. More than likely you are over loading your working memory. Like a computer’s RAM, there is only so much available. Try and reduce your multi-tasking and bring your intentions into your awareness.
some simple ways to improve recalling information:

Be attentive to the information your trying to receive. Avoid dividing your attention.

Think about how the information your receiving may have meaning for you.

Make associations with the material your trying to remember

Use imagery: information associated with images is quicker and easier to recall.

Remember that your brain is a physical organ and needs to be well taken care of. Give it proper rest, nourishment with a good diet, and keep it free from mind-altering substances. http://ow.ly/i/2Ct4S


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