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Tip #15: Don’t work harder. Instead wor

Tip #15: Don’t work harder. Instead work different. For some things this can be an easy concept. For other things this means challenging long held belief systems and expectations.
How do you work “harder” at paying attention? How do you work “harder” at managing impulsiveness. How do you work harder at remembering? Most likely, you can’t. One of the many ADHD paradoxes; the harder you work at it, the worse it gets.
Instead, work differently at focus, impulsiveness, or memory. ie: address distractions in your environment, learn what time of day you’re most attentive, address issues that are causing anxiety.

Break issues down and create a simple strategy to start implementing changes in what ever area of life you have been trying to work harder at. Use your creative brain to make it happen the way you need it to happen. It doesn’t have to look or work just like everyone else s. http://ow.ly/i/2D1mG


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