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Tip #16: Problem Solving. Another parado

Tip #16: Problem Solving. Another paradox of the ADHD world is problem solving. One minute we’re lucky to get out of the house with all our clothes on straight, the next we have resolved some extremely technical problem that the highest paid professionals in the field have been working on for years.
My belief is that this unbalanced problem solving issue comes down to expectations of how we believe have to happen, or what we think is the “right” way to do something.

There is a term in psychology called “Functional Fixedness” (Yes, it’s a real term). It means to fail at solving a problem because of a result of fixation on a thing’s usual functions.
This likely is not a issue when you are presented with a novel problem to solve with no prior expectations linked to it. It’s usually the everyday problems that we have come to believe need to be done in a specific way. succeeding over functional fixedness might require admitting to yourself that your past strategies are just not ideal, even if they did work for your big brother, Bob. So for some effective problem solving, don’t be afraid to use that out of the box thinking you are able to use in other novel contexts.

some of you may have experienced this during major life changes and found the old way of doing things suddenly didn’t work any more, but still tried marching on with the same old strategies. Examples of these times can be the transition from high school and living with parents to create structure to starting collage and living on your own; or going from the structure of your academic lifestyle, and then entering the professional workforce which requires a different set of structures.

If this is something you really struggle with, often a personal coach / ADHD coach, or a therapist can help you work through creating new and successful strategies. http://ow.ly/i/2DDvU


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