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Help your child succeed with schoolwork.

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Tip #19: In my experience, codependent b

Tip #19: In my experience, codependent behavior are very common with ADHD adults. Especially when diagnosis didn’t happen until later in life. I’m not going to go into the details of codependency in this post, but if you struggle with relationships it may be worth looking into. A very simple and easy to understand book […]

Tip #18: It is easy to sometimes get hyp

Tip #18: It is easy to sometimes get hyperfocused on learning about your ADHD. There are a lot of books, websites, and resources that offer tips and advice. Fact! Simply reading and listening about how to manage ADHD will not help. You must DO something! All that information coming at you can be so overwhelming, […]

Tip #17: “Create something to make the

Tip #17: “Create something to make the world awesome!” http://ow.ly/n727h

Tip #16: Problem Solving. Another parado

Tip #16: Problem Solving. Another paradox of the ADHD world is problem solving. One minute we’re lucky to get out of the house with all our clothes on straight, the next we have resolved some extremely technical problem that the highest paid professionals in the field have been working on for years. My belief is […]

Tip #15: Don’t work harder. Instead wor

Tip #15: Don’t work harder. Instead work different. For some things this can be an easy concept. For other things this means challenging long held belief systems and expectations. How do you work “harder” at paying attention? How do you work “harder” at managing impulsiveness. How do you work harder at remembering? Most likely, you […]

Tip #14: Memory.  If you often feel forg

Tip #14: Memory.  If you often feel forgetful or have difficulty recalling information on demand, one can easily blame it on being stupid or intelligent. This is not the case my friend. More than likely you are over loading your working memory. Like a computer’s RAM, there is only so much available. Try and reduce your […]