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Tip #13: Our ADHD brains often get caugh

Tip #13: Our ADHD brains often get caught up in thinking. Rumination is a source of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Many times we spend large amounts of our life thinking about what we need to be doing, or thinking about what we want to be doing. Shift the balance in your life to less thinking and more doing. Be mindful of your intentions and create action by making a commitment to yourself. http://ow.ly/i/2BDbm

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Tip #12: Is your screen time creating a

Tip #12: Is your screen time creating a chasm between you and your goals, dreams, and simple productivity? It is really easy for our ADHD brains to find reward and stimulation with electronic devices and internet time, but if it is keeping you from living life and focusing on things that are truly important, than it may be time to shut it off. I’m not saying you should disconnect TV, never go on Facebook or Twitter again, or go back to using a simple flip phone, but maybe take a moment and seriously take a reality check on how much productivity and success has been lost while sitting numbly in front of a screen. Then do something different. (Yes, I see the irony of posting that tip through social media) http://ow.ly/i/2Axwp

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Tip #11: Self talk. How you talk to your

Tip #11: Self talk. How you talk to yourself has a direct relation to the relationship you have with yourself. We often forget about ourselves as being the most important relationship in our lives. You are the person you spend the most of your time with. When a friendship or romantic relationship ends, You are the person who is still there with you. It is something we don’t think about often enough. So the next time you talk to yourself, whether it be in anger or praise, take a moment to consider if what you are telling yourself is what you would tell your best friend.

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Tip #10: Not everything that works for o

Tip #10: Not everything that works for one, works for the other. Just because one ADHD trick worked for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for you the same way. That’s ok!! We are all different and have our own unique brand of ADHD. Take a tip and try it out if it sounds good to you. Modify it if you need to depending on your strengths and situations. If It doesn’t work, it just means that strategy wasn’t for you. There are plenty more out there. Don’t give up!

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Tip #9: Normal is just a setting on the

Tip #9: Normal is just a setting on the dryer… enough said! http://ow.ly/i/2yMgi

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Tip #8: ADHD and relationships can be ch

Tip #8: ADHD and relationships can be challenging. Finding the right partner can make all the difference in the success of your relationships. Having a good relationship with yourself first will make a good foundation for all of your other relationships. Here is a good resource for ADHD and marriage. http://ow.ly/mJQS6

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Tip #7: Our ADHD brains are very visuall

Tip #7: Our ADHD brains are very visually stimulated. Sometimes for the important reminders we need to put them in obvious places… At least until it’s a habit and everyone is happy. 🙂 http://ow.ly/i/2xOAD

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